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Home   Adept electrics offers a complete energy efficiency service, we can survey, design, supply and install systems reducing your energy costs by as much as 50% with a pay back time averaging two years.
As an additional benefit these electronic control gear systems also increase lamp life, hence reducing both maintance and end of life disposal costs, as well as providing a better quality and more stable light, reducing both maintance and loss of working hours.

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The main area energy savings are achieved is within the lighting sector, using new generation electronic lighting control gear and advanced control systems Adept Electrics can not only reduce your energy costs, but also help your business to combat climate change.

Many businesses look at this solution and feel that they're not large enough consumers of energy to warrant an energy saving scheme. However any energy user is in a position to make savings, for example Adept Electrics recently refitted a 2500 sq ft workshop. The client was using 13 x 400W SON Highbay fittings.

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Energy Efficiency   To help with financing these upgrades your business is likely to be elegible for interest free Energy-Efficiency Loans which are available from, among others the Carbon Trust, and are an effective way to spread the cost of upgrading your existing lighting with an energy efficient system. These were replaced with 15 x 208W fluorescent fittings. The energy consumption of the lighting was reduced by nearly 50%, in real terms this translates to a saving of over £2000 per annum. The light levels in the workshop increased from an average of 300lux to over 500lux.
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